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My Mechanic

My Mechanic

I have earned a loyal following over the years of folks that call for help or support and just say, “git-er done,” much like me and my subcontractors. I expect a high level of attention to detail, a reasonable response time, fair pricing, and great communication.

It goes both ways. I have developed my close knit group of loyal subcontractors, and my clients have come to trust me and my group of employees to take care of what work is necessary for them.

It goes without saying that when my vehicles need work I take it to “my” mechanic, and when I need a tool I go to “my” tool store.

How many of you have developed a similar relationship with your go-to guys?

Who is your contractor? Who fixes things around your house or business? Who do you call when you need advice about remodeling or understanding your home? Let Levco be the company that gets the call when you need a hand. Many of our clients have, taken that step, and we want you to join them.

This is the relationship I want to develop with my clients.

Is It Plugged In?

Is It Plugged In?

I can’t tell you the number of times I have been able to fix problems over the phone or refer a client to someone who I trust to take care of them.

I get that this is not the most common relationship to develop, I get that it is extremely rewarding to be the one that is consistently recommended by others.

A friend called to have me replace his roof and fix his gutters. Could he have called several subcontractors and had the work done? Sure, he could have, but he didn’t! He called me and said “git-er done,” and I did.

He has the added benefit of knowing that I will be responsible for everything and that everything will be taken care of.

If he has problems with the project, who will be responsible? Me! There is a calming comfort in having me on your side.

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