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Conventional wisdom says to get 3 bids. I suppose if remodeling were a commodity then getting the lowest price might be helpful but remodeling is not a commodity and never will be. How do you know you picked the right company?

Can you recall that magic moment when you just know that you’ve found the right remodeling contractor? The perfect storm presents itself. When Need, Ability, Like, and Trust are all present at once, and you feel the inner calm that you need look no further. Or did you choose the one with the best price and worry the entire time and you were frightened that you may have made a terrible mistake?


You may be untethered to your neighbors and neighborhood and buy a new house every 10 years and not know what Preventative Maintenance is all about. If you are not that person and stay in the home long enough you will need to do things that prevent your home from deteriorating and having problems.

As we all come to realize eventually, even new homes need some care and maintenance. Left alone I like to say that a home will eventually turn back to dust. Whether you are just maintaining or improving your living space, at some point you will likely need the help of a professional. All contractors are not alike.


We talk all the time about projects we have completed, we share them on our gallery pages, and over time establishing enthusiastic referrals, are our strongest suit when establishing our ability to remodel simple projects to the incredibly complex.


You’ve got to like your contractor. If you don’t, bad things will happen. Every bad thing will be accentuated and despite their best effort, it will never be enough. Everything bad will be amplified. On the other hand, a likable person will be given the benefit of the doubt and kudos when good work and progress is made.

“There is no rule more invariable than that we are paid for our suspicions by finding what we suspect”.

Henry David Thoreau


Woven into the pages of this blog are all sorts of stories of trust that others have put into us. Stories of unbelievable hard-earned trust that go above and beyond. Stories of integrity from a decade ago up to the last week abound. We call it doing things “The Levco Way”.

Tips on How to Go About Choosing a Remodeling Contractor?

Remodeling is a very personal thing, you have contractors and all sorts of folks working in and around your home, there is lots of trust and great communication that needs to be happening on a regular basis to create enthusiastic referrals. That being said, it does not guarantee anything. A bad contractor that was recently referred around the neighborhood ended up putting liens on 3 homes and behaving in a dishonest way.

Selecting a remodeling contractor that is a good fit for you is something that I have written a booklet about. To get your complimentary copy, sign up for my BLOG and ask for one.

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