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I have been struggling with a potential project for a month or so that had me worried. My mind was telling me that there must be a way to repair this old three-story building’s patios, but my gut was saying the danger and risk were more than I was willing to take.

Structural repairs are what I enjoy doing. From vehicles into buildings to altering structures to the way we live today, Levco has been thriving in this environment since we were born in 2005.

Others contractors were willing to repair it for her and use temporizing measures but the homeowner conceded to our suggestions based upon corroborating opinion given during a structural inspection I orchestrated at the site.

Removing and replacing the porches will be a better solution in the long run. They are all starting to fail from water intrusion and wood failure. They were built in a way that appears to be lacking connection to the structure so they are slowly detaching. A complete failure is imminent and would be catastrophic. Documented porch failures happen all the time, this one would cause death and destruction. Nobody wants to make the news this way.

My plan is to have the platforms removed one by one with a crane then rebuild them and hoist them back up into place. With the proper engineering and attachments, this will be a fun and rewarding project. Naturally, we will make them look similar to the originals. The beauty is that they will be built up to code made out of modern materials that will be supported properly and drain water away rather than into the structure. Ultimately, They will proudly marry up to the striking building for at least another couple of centuries.

I Love to Come to The Rescue

Pause, they did not like my plan or solution. They chose to ignore the problem, “It has been this way for 100-Years, what’s the big deal?” I feel like I did what was necessary to shine a light on the problem and offer a solution. What more can I do. I suppose I will pipe up when they find the lumber in a pile on the sidewalk. The corollary, “Not everyone in need of rescue wants it.”

  • Will it heal itself? NO.
  • Will it last another 100-Years? NO.
  • Will it fall and kill someone? I sure hope not.
  • Am I the only one that cares about this stuff?

How much is too much

It’s OK

As I mature I realize that I do not have control over as much as I thought. I realize that my threshold for what is right and safe is not the same as others. I have a natural aversion to risk that keeps me safe. Perhaps it is because I have risked so much for so long? I have been watching an awning that was on the verge of collapse for years. It was taken down recently before it fell down. As I drive by I can now stop playing the waiting game. Patience is another one of those virtues that I am getting acquainted with.

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