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Bill ff Rights

Bill of Rights

Years ago, I had a cool interaction with Ron Spomer, who’s a repeat client, outdoor enthusiast and prolific writer.

I had a 5 page document with lots of notes that outlined how we work at Levco. I asked Ron if he could condense it, as well as several other ideas I had, into a shorter, more meaningful document. He made a great 2 pager that has been a favorite conversation piece of mine and a guide for every client since. The problem is that it is only handed out during the Remodeling Agreement.

A conversation with several remodeling gurus about the process of remodeling and several pieces about trust I have come across recently that have been rattling around in my head are what brought this issue up again. The question finally became clear to me. What I can do as a remodeler to preserve the trust given me, to get my clients through the remodeling process safely?

It dawned on me to create a “Bill of Rights”, or a tool to clarify the rules of remodeling. After all, The Bill of Rights was a document created to add clarity to the complicated process of building a country which has survived over 200 years.

To that end, I have kept Ron’s piece (which you can read here) and added my own separate piece that everyone gets to see because it helps to define the framework of remodeling relationship.

Caramelized Onion

Caramelized Onion

In cooking terms, I have basically taken a big Walla Walla onion, peeled a few layers off, and sliced it up. Then I added some oil and heated it all up in a frying pan. I caramelize my ideas into a tasty side dish that will accompany and compliment any entrée or remodeling project nicely.

In biblical terms, here are my 10 commitments.

Levco’s 10 Commitments

  1. We will communicate clearly.
  2. After we take your home apart, we will put your home back together.
  3. We will be honest.
  4. We will make your job site broom clean at the end of the day.
  5. We will be trustworthy.
  6. We will settle any disagreements in a face to face manner.
  7. We will be available to you as much or as little as you want.
  8. We will do it right the first time or we will make it right.
  9. You will get your moneys worth.
  10. We will always show that we care.

The bottom line

“Home, home on the range”, it is not.

Our big audacious goal for every project is “to create enthusiastic referrals”, so anything we can do to bolster our position by golly, is what we are spring loaded to do. Anything a client does to disrupt this delicate balance causes confusion, heartache, and distrust. Remodeling affects people in differently, not everyone handles having their home and routine disrupted the same way. At the first signs of a discouraging word let’s touch bases and work it out. “Problems are like bedsores” I like to say, “You may only see a tiny sore but it could be hiding a massive infection below the surface. We naturally choose to treat them aggressively.

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