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Road Trip

Scheduling is a very important part of every event. Everyone likes a project that comes in on time. Like a road trip, you make a plan, pack the car and head out. You do what you can to stick with it. Levco’s Production Manager and project Managers eat, sleep, and breathe scheduling. Truth be told it is one of the most complex parts of our job. There are so many things that can throw it off, it is a miracle that we constantly are working to perfect it.

“An Hour of Pre-planning Saves a Day of Work”

So much goes into creating a realistic time line, however the reality is that no matter what you produce it is merely a measuring instrument. At Levco we strive to under promise and over deliver. We have exerted so much energy to make this one of our trademark promises. As an industry, remodelers have become the laughing stock. Levco has been burned by making assumptions over the years that make scheduling a job to complete on time a joke.

Now that we are more mature we struggle with pent up desire to remodel and the “Not wanting to say NO” mentality. Thankfully most clients are understanding and are forgiving. I am not satisfied until we start hitting the mark more frequently and consistency.

2 weeks

Two Weeks!

This is the typical answer to “When are you going to be done?” Sadly missed completion dates are the coin of the realm in remodeling.

Valuable Lessons Learned.

Our Scheduling

Our Scheduling

  1. The order that we do our work matters, there are unwritten rules about the order of work to be done (Like in the movie Ghost Busters don’t cross the streams or it will end life as we know it)
  2. Don’t schedule folks on top of each other ( Everyone needs some space to spread out and make a mess.) The turtle wins.
  3. Respect Mother Nature. Sure enough, weather can delay a project no matter how much you want to finish on time.
  4. Change Orders extend the project completion date.
  5. Drying times are finite. Nothing good comes from rushing.
  6. Hunting season is not a good time to do much of anything that depends upon Sub-Contractors. That means Fall. Holidays are a nightmare as well.
  7. Shit happens. Murphy is a live and well. plumbing fixtures arrive broken in the box. Specialty items are on back order. Under ordering a few marble tiles from Brazil can wreck a schedule.
  8. With a team looking out for you we can swarm in and make up time when the need arises
  9. All finish materials must be selected prior to contract signing.

Levco has come up with a timeline that helps everyone keep track of where we are and where we want to be. We now use the Builder trend Client Portal to schedule using the critical path form of looking at a project management. In our weekly production meetings we look ahead and do what we can to make sure we smooth out any bumps.

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