Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 37 seconds

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 37 seconds

The Mess

Stucco is not the cleanest or easiest or fastest product to install, in fact it has been the cause of a cluttered disorganized building site for several weeks. Stucco takes time to dry properly prior to the top coat being installed. Lots of hairline cracks appeared in the base coat, Worried I reached out to the manufacturers representatives and Rodger Purcell our installer who says, “I want it to do all the cracking it is going to do prior to installing the top coat” So we finally got the top coat installed and it looks remarkably good.

The clean up is going to be a real job. I often ask potential clients to visit a job site to see how neat the job looks. I used to think that seeing the project in action will give a decent representation of the contractors organizational skills. I am eating my words now, if this is as good as it gets we flunk. With any luck the disappointing aspects of a messy job site will wear off long before the positive aspects of a great stucco finished product.

Gutters were also installed on the same day to protect the finish. Paint will be applied to the entire structure soon and we ought to have a nice harmonious finished product.

Here in Boise Idaho remodeling older homes like in any other part of the country is a dynamic challenging process that has it’s ups and downs.

Having the project neat and tidy is the ultimate goal, but occasionally a difficult one to achieve on a daily basis. On a side note I have recently given sneak peaks to the neighbors and it is extremely rewarding to show what we have accomplished in such a short period of time.

These next few weeks will be filled with activity as painting, flooring, cabinets and counter tops as well as tiling slide into place.