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Rebar & concrete go together

IMHO Rebar is an essential component in sub-grade concrete construction. Rebar is the steel that is designed to be added to concrete to give it exponential structural strength. It’s like Pizza & Beer. Sonny & Cher. Milk & Honey. or Cheese & Crackers.

Rebar adds to the tensile strength of the concrete. Concrete works pretty well under compression without reinforcement but if it happens to be stressed in any other way becomes brittle.

Up to code means that it is the worst allowable structure you can get. Rebar is not needed to meet code in a prescriptive way in our seismic zone C here in Ada County Idaho. What, you say? This could not happen! What about 3rd party verification, what about inspectors when you get a permit. If it is not in the plans it won’t show up in the hole before the concrete is poured.

This Happens All the Time

Our concrete sub-trade partner said why are you putting all this rebar into a garage? “We just poured concrete on a garage on 20th street without any in it”. Levco uses rebar in our foundations because we build things to last and building foundations without rebar is stupid and will fail eventually sooner than later.

Foundation Rebar Example, Levco style

All Contractors Are Not Alike

I have never not used rebar in any foundation ever! That is what I’m talking about. Built to last includes rebar. Code – Shmode, there is no rule that you can not exceed the code. Levco has a history of never skimping. We use code and our engineers to spec the correct amount and spacing both horizontally and vertically. Doweling into existing slabs and foundations with epoxy ensures stability

Funny Story

I heard about a track home builder that was building the same footprint home in a subdivision that would set his rebar in the hole, then after inspection would have it taken to the next foundation for inspection. Did this really happen? odds are good sad to say.

The Bottom Line

When you are spending your hard-earned cash on a remodeling project like an addition, you want to be sure your contractor gets it. You have to trust them to do the right thing, even when you’re not watching. You are not the expert here, you have your own area of expertise. At Levco you can be assured that we take pride in going the extra mile to make it great. This image is an example of my proud employees showing off what they did to accomplish a simple task with above and beyond attention to detail. This baby is structurally sound.

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