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What I'm Reading

What I’m Reading

Here is a sample of the magazines I read. Sure there is more to life than remodeling but there is no better way, in my opinion, to keep up on current events, best practices, and trends in the industry.

Often, movers and shakers in the professional remodeling world weigh in on some of the challenges of the industry, and share their wisdom.

I really enjoy reading stories about business challenges that have been overcome, as well as technical resolutions to unusual structural dilemmas and best practices for the industry.

Occasionally, I am asked to contribute to a publication because something I am doing or some blog I wrote caught someone’s interest.

One journal I read has constantly updated me with tips and “tricks of the trade” for the past 30 years. I find it interesting that many of the ideas have been used to create new tools.

Another periodical keeps me interested by sharing good forms that others have created. I was featured in this publication, so I know they are getting input from all over the country.

Remodeling book

Remodeling book

Aside from periodicals, I am reading (and rereading) business books and participating in all sorts of continuing educational opportunities through Remodelers Advantage, my NARI Chapter, as well as Webinars put on by vendors and material manufacturers. I get involved in chat groups and I get regular coaching from experts in my field.

No matter what your source of information it is important to keep up with what is going on in the industry. Like My pal Michael Stone always says, “Read at least one hour a day”!

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