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Something is Rotten in Denmark

I am at odds with the remodeling industry’ lobbyists. The remodelers association NARI and the NAHB are supporting H.R.2093. After reading the document here is what I get out of it. It is attempting to have the EPA’s RRP rules relaxed to allow folks in certain situations to Opt-Out of using LSWP during renovation. (Opt-Out...

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RRP Revisited 2012

It has been 2 years now, and the EPA’s RRP rule has been an enigma to deal with. What I envisioned as game changing regulation has turned out to be a sheep in wolf’s clothing. I expected a year of educating the public through infomercials and campaigns, followed by some head turning enforcement. Sadly, I...

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Why use a “lead safe” Contractor

OK, say you live in a home built prior to 1978, and you are interested in remodeling. The first thing you must understand is that “the home is completely painted with lead based paint” according the the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) unless tested and proven otherwise. This was done on Earth Day 4,22,2010 . The...

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Oh boy is there ever a problem between the three of the federal agencies that regulate how lead is handled in the residential remodeling world. The EPA’s RRP rule came out last April and Levco has been all over it with training and lead safe work practices. I knew that OSHA was in existence, In...

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Insurance Work

Levco offer a service to our clients that is occasionally misunderstood. Folks rarely have insurance claims on their homes so it is essential that you understand what is happening and  how things typically work, lets face it this is stressful. The way I look at home disasters be they water related, fire related, or other...

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Lead Testing

Lead paint was located by pre-testing and during the demolition phase much of the stucco that had lead paint on it required removal. This was our first experience with stucco removal in a lead safe way. To accomplish this task we initially trained our new employees about LSWP and provided all the necessary protective clothing...

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Lead Testing Phase

As many of you are aware, The EPA made April 22nd, 2011 (Earth Day) the start of the RRP rule a program that mandates that all homes built prior to 1978 shall be considered leaded until tested otherwise. This in turn inspired Levco Builders to invest in additional training of employees and the purchase of...

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