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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 57 seconds

Speed Square AKA Our Triangle

I am regularly saying, “like pizzas, all remodeling companies are not alike.” As we enter the new decade, I have been thinking about this more seriously. What makes Levco special?

I am confident that remodeling is not a commodity, but how do you put a finger on it? I was challenged by a mentor to differentiate ourselves from our competition by defining what we are and what we do that is special.

He told me to combine these elements into a comprehensive unique offering that I could define and support. Flying Pie had one that was shaped like a triangle that allowed us to focus on the things that were at our core, to keep us centered and focused on what was important to us. Why shouldn’t Levco?

The Trio of Deliverables

  1. Pre-Construction Process that is swift, makes sense, and is fun.
  2. People are part of it. Throughout the project things are handed to competent people who show that they care.
  3. The in-flight during construction and post-construction parts that lasts long after the project is complete.

Is this a Fad?

How does a company emerge on the scene and break out after 1 1/2 decades of investment to provide these services as a package? It takes a leader that is a visionary with several integrators in tow. It takes a hunger to separate from the pack. It takes an attitude that turns every problem encountered into a challenge to solve as a team to learn from. It takes a leader who has time to reflect and separate from the daily whirlwind and is never with the way things are. It takes people who believe in the direction of the company and who want to pitch in “to Build a Cathedral” together.

Milk & Honey

Is There Milk and Honey on the Other Side?

No pot of gold. No endless vacations. I was once told that the way to make a million dollars in remodeling is to start with two. I have also been told that remodeling company owners deserve to be compensated like any other professional that risks so much and has so much responsibility. Sadly, few ever make it. I am not there either.

For me there is satisfaction in knowing that I have created a series of systems that work for my clients and my support staff. It means knowing that I have figured out a very complicated business that has a heart and soul that beat in unison with mine. A place that is sacred, where everyone in it knows what is expected and who regularly amaze me by one-upping their best efforts.

“You Would be Lucky to Have Them Remodel for You”

Yes, this was said by a client. Music to my ears!  The bell was rung and cannot be undone.

It is a bar that is set pretty darn high. How did we evolve from a group of friends that were flipping homes on our days off? It took nerves of steel, and it took hours of coaching and mentorship, reading books, and attending workshops. It took some monumental failures, some luck, and some amazing people collaborating to figure out a system and process that worked for us. It took a hungry entrepreneur who is never satisfied with good enough, working 1/2 days (5 to 5) for years, and some Chutzpah.

  1. Who else puts up backing for window treatments, and backing for grab bars and towel bars automatically?
  2. Who else uses technology to keep everyone headed forward with a schedule to finish on time?
  3. Who else send their clients to a nice hotel when they need to be out of the home?
  4. Who else celebrates all 3 phases of construction with their clients?
  5. Who else collaborates with trade partners and vendors to improve their clients remodeling experience?

I am sure there are more cool things that we offer that have come out of our knowledge and experience. I don’t go around comparing Levco to others who have their own set of unique offerings that set them apart. For now, we pause to revel in the excellence that we have already achieved, while striving to improve our systems and results daily.

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