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The team

My business has, like most high-performing organizations, figured out how to accomplish things through other people. As the Benevolent Proprietor of this operation, I am always figuring out ways to improve systems and get the right people in the right seats as described by Jim Collins in Good to Great. No amount of vision can be accomplished without goals, a plan, processes, and most of all, a team of dedicated staff that gets the work done.

Together we are the musketeers. The all for one, and one for all motto is alive and well at Levco. The beauty is in the simplicity and elegance of trust and accountability.

The cadre of employees that man the front lines are typically understated but never overlooked. The talented muscles and the skilled craftsman of my world deserve a whole bunch of credit.

Who Is the Leader?

Once we determine a clear vision and meaningful goals for the next period together, I get to lead as a leader should. What I tolerate is what I get. I revel in that we are behaving in a way that expresses an all-for-one and one-for-one-for-all attitude in our dauntless journey together into the future.

I am constantly working to discover even more ways to get the entire ball rolling in the right direction. From voraciously reading business books to regular outreach to the movers and shakers of our industry, my toolbox is overflowing with great ideas and proven techniques that work. Beyond that, I have the luxury of being willing to entertain and or modify anything to enhance my little company’s reputation for a great product, a great place to work, and an awesome client experience that is repeatable.

We Had a Breakthrough

U.S. Marines receive a sand table briefing before a platoon assault exercise on Arta Range, Djibouti, Feb. 10, 2014.

Leader briefing the troops

As part of my hungry entrepreneur persona, I am always on the hunt for ideas and effective ways to lead. After reading a great book called Extreme Ownership I’ve implemented a proven practice the military uses called decentralized command. Our Project Managers are now briefing the company on the details and strategic objectives of every new project until it is understood. This is just one cool thing that has made a huge positive impact on the company already.

What Does it Mean to Win?

Teams that are high performance, the likes of which I have been a part of in my EMS career are few and far between. Winning in our case can be summed up like this.

  • Our client has had an enjoyable remodeling experience.
  • Our expectations of labor, materials, and sub-trade-partners are met with a plus or minus 3% tolerance.
  • Our calendar of completion is within a day or so of completion expectation.
  • Challenges were met and overcome. Lessons learned were shared internally for the next project.

As We Approach Our 15th Year

We have survived and successfully navigated the tumultuous waters of a dynamic business experience. None of it could have been done alone. As we face the shifting landscape of remodeling people’s homes to improve their living conditions, I bow and tip my hat to my staff for trusting me, graciously guiding me, and challenging me to be the best I can be. I often quip, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. I follow that with just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.

Today we find ourselves spun around by the COVID-19 Virus. I look at it as one more challenge that we will eventually adapt to and overcome together. In the meantime, it should not be overlooked that we are about to set ourselves apart by joining the 15-year club on 5-05-2020.

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