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I must get a half dozen calls a week from folks that are considering a DIY project.

They seem to be searching for a reason to tackle some home remodeling on their own. I’ll admit, it looks fun from my vantage on the recliner watching a 30 minute home improvement show. The people are always good looking and happy, weird.

Honey, Let’s DIY it!

The DIY craze has made folks think that they are exploring their genetic predisposition to be hunter gatherers (and remodelers.) All of a sudden, everyone wants to flip homes. Folks want to dig out a basement with 5 gallon buckets, or tear out a bathroom and whip it back together in a weekend. Where does it end?

It Looks Easy & Fun



Did reveal a long lost physician in your family tree? You gonna go after your kids inflamed appendix with a sharp knife because he’s got acute right lower quadrant abdominal pain?

“But honey, that’s one of the differential diagnosis according to Web MD?” No, you’re going to call a professional. My grandpa Joe was a pharmacist, that realization does not embolden me to make pills for my friends, like he did for his clients back in the old country.

Come on folks, we’ve specialized as we’ve evolved. There are specialists for all sorts of things now. Adults have dedicated their lives to being great at their chosen professions. Chances are you are one of them. It is OK to dabble, everyone should own a basic tool set, and learn how to use them wisely and properly.

Please don’t remodel your own home unless

  • You know what you are doing,
  • You are fearless, (because you have friends, or family that can bail you out)
  • You are adventurous with nothing to lose.
  • You have completely run out of options.

Try a tree fort for starters to get it out of your system, I’ll even loan you a book. Paint a room or two, order carpet, replace a tile back splash. Even turning a garage into a man cave are on the list of my recommended DIY projects.

Removing a wall, doing an addition, Re roofing your home are on the “NO way list.” Why you ask? Because it takes away from the value of your home! And it is risky behavior! You screw these things up and you have serious consequences. Then you have to ultimately call someone, like me to bail you out anyway.

What is the cost of pain?



He was just going to do some maintenance on a metal roof. It’s only 8 feet up, (to your feet,) 14′ to your head! Tell the guy I just flew in from up north who broke his pelvis, femur, and ankle in about 3 agonizing slow motion seconds. I think he was actually lucky he is not a quadriplegic. In his own pain medicated words “I should have hired a professional!”

I am a professional remodeler and a general contractor, I make a living remodeling homes. I have assembled an experienced team of professionals to orchestrate your remodeling project.

I’m sure you are good at something valuable, be proud of it, earn money at it. Trade a portion of your earnings for goods and services that make sense. It is OK to not be good at remodeling your home. Chances are I’m not good at what you specialize in, and I could likely use your professional services, that is what makes our community work.

Using my services could very well be the best money you’ve spent in years. Let’s look at a project that will add value to your home today. Trust me the guys won’t call you a sissy. PS to show someone you really love them, do the right thing and refer us.

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