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When do the Rules Apply?

A client of mine had a fire in a carport. It was sad, her Ford Explorer caught  fire spontaneously and set her carport ablaze. It was a freak situation, one of those cars that was eventually recalled because of  a faulty cruise control. The fire department was able to save the structure but the lid...

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Fire Safety Moment

Today’s Safety Moment is all about fire. Although much less prevalent than a decade or two ago, it seems that fire is always in the news. There is usually at least one local story a month about a residential fire that cleans folks, and most of their personal belongings, out of their dwelling I recall...

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Emergency Preparedness, Do You Have What You Need?

We live in a stable but fairly fragile state. Emergencies happen all the time and all over the world. Those that think we are immune are living in a Hurricane Katrina denial fantasy. I used to joke about people living in areas that are devastated annually with floods. I also had quips (that I thought...

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Winter Safety Moment

I have been a safety nut for my entire adult life. My Emergency Medical profession has had me picking up the pieces of so many broken people over the years, I thought it only natural that I make this safety moment segment a regular portion of Levco’s BLOG. Winter time brings all sorts of additional...

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Why use a “lead safe” Contractor

OK, say you live in a home built prior to 1978, and you are interested in remodeling. The first thing you must understand is that “the home is completely painted with lead based paint” according the the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) unless tested and proven otherwise. This was done on Earth Day 4,22,2010 . The...

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Oh boy is there ever a problem between the three of the federal agencies that regulate how lead is handled in the residential remodeling world. The EPA’s RRP rule came out last April and Levco has been all over it with training and lead safe work practices. I knew that OSHA was in existence, In...

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Egress Window photo Gallery

This is the nightmare no one wants to see. A fire in the basement with no way out.  Here is an example of why the building code insists that below ground living spaces must have Egress Windows.  Above ground living spaces need them too but below ground is where the biggest bang for the buck...

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Jobsite Safety

Levco Builders has a firm foundation in the safety world Joe is a Flight Paramedic and Diane is a former EMT. We as a company are always looking at our processes and procedures as well as our tools to ensure safety. Although all accidents cant be prevented we pride ourselves in our safety record. From...

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